Best Color by Number App 2022 (Free!)

The best free color by number app for iPhone and iPad is Mega Color – Paint by Number. Let’s talk about what makes a great color by number app, and what sets Mega Color – Paint by Number apart.

Best Color by Number Experience

The coloring experience is critical for paint by number, color by number, and coloring book apps. Tapping each uncolored area must be satisfying. Completing each work of art must feel rewarding and seeing the painting process play back must feel like a celebration. Color by number apps are a meditative experience, and each part of the app must flow into one another. It feels good to win!

Intrusive, pervasive advertisements are an unforgivable interruption to the precious spare time we have. This unrelenting assault of ads plagues most color by number apps available today and is unacceptable.

To combat this, Mega Color – Paint by Number was created: free of ads and built to nurture all users in the best possible coloring experience.

Hints and Number Seeking

The goal of color by number apps is to sit back, relax, and paint pictures. What’s the point if it’s impossible to find the areas and complete the image? Many apps disrespect their audience by charging for hints: difficult to find regions cannot be discovered until late into coloring an image. This means that you commit to a drawing before understanding if you will need a hint. That’s unacceptable! Hints are part of the core gameplay experience, and should be free.

In Mega Color – Paint by Number, you can double tap a number to receive a hint. You’ll get centred on the next unfilled region, guided like a boat easing gently down a river. It is always easy to relax and enjoy!

Artwork Difficulty

Coloring apps should be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re interested in easy drawings to de-stress, or looking for a complicated masterpiece, the app should have you covered. Many apps falter and fail to provide enough variety of the difficulty.

Mega Color – Paint by Number has you covered here too. Like many apps, easy artwork is available, but you can step it up a notch with a more challenging piece as well. The number of sections to fill ranges from 100 to 1500. This makes it perfect for both adults and kids. Adults can enjoy the harder artwork, but you might be surprised when the kids complete it faster!

Free Color by Number App iPhone 2022

App Availability

Coloring apps should be free, and available when you need them. Many apps require an internet connection to start coloring. You don’t need an internet connection when you’re using a coloring book, and neither should you with your paint by number app. Offline mode is crucial, and is also important when travelling.

Mega Color – Paint by Number has more than 300 images available without needing any internet connection at all. Hours and hours of fun!

Summary: Best Color by Number App

Color experience, hints and number seeking, artwork difficulty and app availability are foundational for every color by number app. Combined, they make a color by number app a beautiful and engaging experience. Mega Color – Paint by Number built these into the app at a philosophical level. Try it today!

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