Best Coloring Apps for iPad – Top 3 (2022)

Best Coloring Apps 2022

Let’s talk about the best coloring apps for iPad. It’s a fun way to relieve stress for adults and kids, but it can be overwhelming with so many available on the App Store, but some stand above the rest. Let’s take a look at the best of the best and talk about what sets them apart.

1. Mega Color – Paint by Number

Mega Color – Paint by Number is the best color by number app in 2022. The hand drawn style and cute pictures draw you in (pun-intended), and the effortless coloring experience with hundreds of beautiful images keep you playing. It’s awesome on iPad, and works wonderfully on iPhone as well.

Why did Mega Color – Paint by Number top this year’s ranking? This app puts the people first to give a superior coloring experience. No ads. Infinite hints. When you start coloring, you’re free of distraction, just like you would be with paper and colored markers. The icing on the cake: it’s available offline. Don’t be left without your escape when you’re on a plane! The most exciting part of Mega Color – Paint by Number is that it’s just getting started. Expect the collection of images to expect and great features to continue to be added.

Frankly, you could stop reading here, but there are a couple other contenders vying for the number 1 spot.

2. Happy Color – Color by Number

Happy Color is one of the most popular coloring apps on the App Store. It features a large community and exclusive Disney coloring pages. Happy Color also has hundreds of images, so it’s hard to run out. Unfortunately, there’s two sides to this coin.

You’ll more or less end up spending more time watching and accidentally clicking ads than coloring. It ruins the sense of immersion and makes it more difficult to relax. The ads can be removed, but it’s expensive. In addition, the app tends to be a bit choppy on my older iPhone and iPad devices. That’s an Unhappy Color in my books.

3. Paint by Number Coloring Games

Paint by Number Coloring games is moderately popular and has innovative features. In particular, the app features daily new images and sets of coloring images which tell a story. Sadly, many of the images have gradients so you don’t get the true “paint by number” experience. It feels less rewarding to paint a medley of colors all at once. The premium and hint features also cost a lot of money.

Best Coloring Apps for iPad Summary

In the competitive coloring space, 3 apps stand above the rest on iPad. The app wearing this year’s crown is Mega Color – Paint by Number. At the time of writing, it has a 5 star rating, hundreds of colorful pictures to paint, and has a free experience that can’t be beat. Download it today!

Have an app that didn’t make the list? Drop us a private message on social media and tell us what feature you like to see!

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